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2) Wednesday evenings - Angels: Good and Bad

 Leader: Pastor Wm. Kant
Benicia, CA

Meeting Day(s): Wednesdays, beginning Jan 9, 2019
Meeting Time: 7:00PM
ANGELS! They've been called agents of God, precious little cherubs, fantastic powerful beings, aliens from another planet, souls of departed believers, ministers of God, channels to the spirits of the dead, mighty soldiers, and God's indespensible supporting actors. They have been used by New Age, used by the gift and greeting card marketing geniuses, and used by the profit driven book publishers. The clashes between messages from within God's Church and messages from without have left many believers in a quandary. What is real and what is not?
   This six session class will dig into evidence from the pages of God's Holy Word to find out what these fantastic creatures are and do and, at the same time, expose the lies being peddled by the unbelieving community.

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